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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

For Shame

Take a very good look at the faces on this Web site, because these are the Pakistani men sentenced to jail for 77 years. Their crime? Grooming very young girls in Rochdale, UK, and running a child sex ring. The details of this crime make me pretty sick, and I hope it has the same effect on you.

Each one of these men, except for one, is from Pakistan. Each one of them is decades older than their victims, who range from 13 to 15 years old. Each one plied the girls, many from vulnerable backgrounds, fatherless homes, or disturbed circumstances, with food and alcohol, and then raped them.

Forty-seven girls were raped by these men. Some became pregnant and had to have abortions. No doubt others will suffer from trauma for years to come. Some will attempt suicide. Some may even succeed.

The controversy is that the men claim they're being targeted because of their race. Because they're Asian, Pakistani, Muslim, they claim that they've been unfairly punished. But the flip side is that they targeted their victims because of race: the girls were all white.

It's no secret that Pakistanis believe white women to be immoral. Because of the women's greater freedom, independence, and different norms of sexual activity, Pakistanis across the board brand white women as "sluts". I'm not even going to try to pretend it's not true. It is. I've heard the worst kind of chauvinist, sexist, abusive taunts come out of Pakistanis' mouths - men and women alike - when discussing white women. It's a very strange and sick thing, but it is a habit. Most people wouldn't even think twice about it.

Because of this attitude towards white women, these Pakistani men thought it was perfectly all right to treat them worse than dirt.

Take a good look at these men once more. Who are they? Fathers. Married men. Taxi drivers. A religious teacher. Shop workers.

I am sure that many people who feel defensive about this case will say that plenty of white and black men are guilty of sexual abuse and pedophilia, therefore their being caught and punished is a travesty of justice. Well, guess what, gentlemen? That doesn't erase what you've done. I'm glad you've gone to jail because you don't deserve to be out walking the streets. You treated those girls worse than animals but it's you who are the real animals.

It seems there's a preponderance of Asian men doing this sort of thing in the northern cities of Britain. Again, it boils down to the attitudes - racist and chauvinist - that Pakistani men hold towards white women. That they are worthless sluts whose own parents don't care about them so what does it matter if they are used and abused by anyone else?

Here's your ghairat and your izzat right here, you pathetic fools.

A clip from the one-hour program on the BBC called "Exposed: Groomed for Sex" by the BBC presenter Adil Ray can be seen here


  1. I would still like to see the day when Western secularists who are proud pedophiles go to jail, rather than to the EU parliament as elected representatives of the European people, to call for wars against Syria and cry "fraud" on Iranian elections thousands of km away.